Giant panda Longlong delivers male babfashion wristbandsy in Guangzhou

Author:Giant panda Longlong delivers male babfashion wristbandsy in Guangzhou2018-5-5 09:34:10

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The male baby born to Longlong at a local zoo in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province. [Photo by Qiu Quanlin/]

Giant panda Longlong, born in July 2013 in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province, has delivered a male baby at a local zoo, marking a successful breeding of the second generation of the animal in South China.

"The successful breeding of the giant pandas shows that the rare animals can be adapted to the living environment in South China," said Zhang Xueli, deputy general manager of the Chimelong Safari Park.

Longlong gave birth on July 12, after being pregnant for 132 days. It was sent to Wolong of Sichuan province for mating in February and was back to the Guangzhou-based safari park in May.

"Longlong began eating bamboos two days after giving birth to the baby, showing a healthy physical condition," said Zhang.

A total of seven giant pandas were born at the Chimelong Safari Park in the last four years. In 2014, giant panda Juxiao gave birth to baby triplets and Longlong"s mother Meiqing also delivered baby twins in 2015.

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